The journey starts with you.


Together we transform our business and move towards our vision to connect Europe for a Sustainable Future. The journey starts with you.

Are you wondering what it’s like to work at Stena Line? Our people are our most important asset and we work together to overcome challenges and build a strong company for the future.

The combination of people, vessels, ports, and technology makes Stena Line a versatile place to work at. No day is ever the same, like the sky above the horizon, conditions constantly shift.

We care about one another and make this journey possible.

With over 4,300 employees in six business regions, we are the leading ferry company in Europe. We believe that the journey starts with our employees. Together, we strive to transform the transport industry step by step.

Job openings

Find the job you want and join our Stena Line family. Life is too short to miss out on the opportunity. The journey starts with you!

Life at Stena Line

From our benefits and offer to our employees, we’re focused on empowering all our employees. Discover what it feels like to work at Stena Line.

Meet our employees

Over 4,300 employees with more than 50 nationalities spread across eight geographical business regions are part of our family.

Women in Maritime

We aim to become the most diverse shipping company in the world. Meet some of our role models!

The dynamo behind the check-in desk

The daily spice of the unexpected is one of the many reasons that Paula loves her role as Team Leader at the Stena Line

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