Our company

We are Stena Line, one of the world’s largest ferry operators with over 25,000 yearly sailings. Everything we do is based on our core values of care; care for customers, care for resources and care for each other.

About Stena Line

Stena Line has its roots in Sweden and we are truly an international company. We employ over 4,300 employees of close to 40 nationalities internations. With our headquarters located in Gothenburg, Sweden, we have a route-based organisation in 6 business regions.

We offer affordable and seamless ferry transportation for all of our customers with an absolute commitment to safety and reliability and a reduced environmental footprint.

Our vision

Our vision “Connecting Europe for a Sustainable Future” is the prime goal for our journey. We already have the most comprehensive route network in Europe. But at the end of the day, it’s not about what we do but why and how we do it.

The way we see it, it’s all connected. By bringing people together, we enable businesses and societies to grow. This, in turn, makes it possible for us to develop as an even safer and more reliable company that reduces its environmental footprint, step by step.

Route-based organisation

We have a route-based organisation within 6 geographical business regions: Denmark, Germany, Baltic Sea North, Baltic Sea South, Irish Sea. The business regions make it possible for the company to take advantage of synergies and focus on profitability. Each route organisation is responsible for its own profitability.

Our extended family Stena AB

Stena Line is part of Stena AB and together we have 16,000 employees around the world working every day to create value for our customers in ferry operations, shipping, property, and new businesses